Supercomputing as a Service

Single purpose hardware

Complete your challenging workloads faster than ever

Low latency mesh network

Our purpose built network fabric gives an immediate performance boost to any network bound workload. With target end to end latencies of 700 ns your code will be running faster than ever. Familiar Intel Xeon CPUs make porting easy and 30 Gb/s per core of network bandwidth keeps almost any code humming along.

Access to bare hardware

The Airstone devices are designed to be running computationally intensive loads. Each workload runs on a dedicated machine with exclusive access to all resources. Your software has full control of CPU, L3 caches, network traffic etc. Our tuned Linux kernel has almost all interrupts disabled to give the lowest amount of OS noise.

Advanced Software Development Kit

Deploy your code in minutes

Create projects

$ air init

You can easily add an Airstone project to any existing codebase. The airstone files will sit in a single subdirectory and are easy to version control.

Customize the environment

$ air env modify

Our custom Linux machine image forms a baseline for your own projects. You can easily add libraries and modify the environment to suite your problem.

Execute on a supercomputer

$ air run --cores 16384

A single command line will pull the data from your local machine or S3, push the data and binary to Airstone and return the results to your destination of choice.

Low risk business model

Develop for free, pay for production


During development you can run your workloads for free. We provide no guarantees on the wait times for development workloads.


Once your jobs demand more controlled wait times you can move to our paid production tier. Please contact team@airstonelabs for more information.

Put the pedal to the medal

Run your first supercomputer program in 10 minutes

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